Mosrite Factory Blems,  Used Guitars

We have decided to make available trade show models, used guitars, prototypes & cosmetic blems to end users.

Trade show models & cosmetic seconds are close outs! They are 100% guaranteed, The same as any perfect brand new guitar. Any blems are strictly cosmetic and are guaranteed not the affect the tone or playability. You can be 100% positive that they will perform as.

We are now accepting trade in's and used guitars.

We are now even purchasing the hollow body Combo & Celebrity models that we have traditionally not ever purchased before. We have a great need for old parts for people who want us to restore their original models.

Please contact us by phone if you are prepared to purchase.

Do not Email You must call !!!      702-875-4552

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Fortunately For Mosrite enthusiasts
 there are Ventures models used available.