Mosrite Videos

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Mosrite Guitars have that Unique 60's surf tone, They have been used by every surf guitar band in the world. Play a couple of these videos to get an idea of what a surf guitar is really supposed to sound like. Or play them all and dial in why we say that no guitar collection is complete unless you have a Mosrite in it.


Iron Butterfly's "Inna Gadda Da Vida"
Check out the Mosrite Guitar and Bass!!!
Look For Barbie Benton Dancing In The Audience


Short & Sweet Very Very Mosrite
Nothing Beats A Mosrite For Surf Tones


One More example of the bell Like Mosrite Surf Tone.



Customer Playing A Mosrite At Ed Roman Guitars 2005


The distinctive Mosrite Sound & tone is very hard to imitate
This video illustrates the incredibly identifiable Mosrite tone.

The Ventures Perform "THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN"
(The Marlboro Song)
The Essence of Twangy Guitars.



Nokie Edwards

They are not using Mosrite Guitars
The playing is great but the sound is NOT Mosrite
Hear the difference

Nokie Edwards is a great player and plays with incredible feel !!!
It's obviously not that great Mosrite Sound !!!

The Ventures Switched to using Fender guitars on stage 
 in this writers opinion they lost that special sound that made them so unique.

It's safe to assume that the reason they changed brands had to do an endorsement deal.

The guitar that they are endorsing today are Korean made low priced toys!!!

Does anybody remember when Clapton switched to Fender ??
He definitely lost his edge !!!
The original sound he got during the Cream era was lost forever.

The Chantays Were One Of My Favorite Surf Groups
In Fact Pipeline Is My favorite Surf Song
Here is the Original By The Chantay's Who were using Fenders in 1963

They appeared here on the Lawrence Welk show which is amazing because Welk was a completely different type of show.
We Used To Call Lawrence Welk The Bubbling Idiot.

The Ventures had a bigger hit with it because the Mosrite Guitars were simply
Hotter & twangier than the Fenders.


Pipeline Was Awesome But Penetration Was the other great Surf Song
Check it out by the Surf Dogs and hear that Signature Mosrite Sound