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Johnny Ramone Guitars Discontinued
See USA Dealers For Final Inventory

The Johnny Ramone Guitars have been discontinued !! The last shipment was shipped. The contract with Johnny's management has expired & they have decided that they are not going to pick up the option.  There is currently a guitar being called the Johnny Ramone Guitar put out by another company.

This deal happened 5 or 6 years after Johnny died, Johnny never played that brand of guitar and it's a shame the owners of the intellectual property could not reach an amicable agreement with Mosrite. 

Everyone with even a retarded brain knows that Johnny always played a genuine Mosrite guitar.

It is absolutely not a Mosrite and even though it temporarily resembles a Mosrite it is just another fake.
Fakes & forgeries of any guitar never increase in value & they are generally a poor investment & most of the time made in China or India.

Ed Roman has the original Mosrite Mk II that Johnny & so many other people played It will be sold for much less than half the price of the old Ramone guitar. Currently it is an exclusive model & will not be available anywhere else.

As of 12/23/2010 there are plans to ramp up production of the original Mark II that will lower the cost even more.  Good news for Fans who want the exact same guitar that Johnny played throughout his entire career.

This guitar will not say Johnny Ramone anywhere on it. It Will Say Mosrite !!

The old Johnny Ramone Model did not say Mosrite it said Johnny Ramone.
Many fans were upset with that because they wanted the original Mosrite logo on the guitar just like Johnny Ramone had on all of his.

This guitar will be the absolute exact guitar that Johnny himself played for  his entire career, In fact it will be closer and more accurate than the discontinued  Ramone model itself.

This Guitar will sell for less than half of the more expensive models.
There will be no royalties paid to any one on this guitar!!!!


We expect to see a cheapy version pop up somewhere in the near future. If it even remotely looks like the real one we will be surprised.
For example the Wilson brothers Ventures model guitar is a Chinese made very inexpensive instrument that is sold by Guitar Center etc etc. It doesn't hold a candle to the real Mosrite 65 Reissue.


The very popular Ranger 65 reissue models are going away forever!!!

Since The Ranger Came out sales have dropped tremendously on the USA made & Japanese Classic Models.

There are currently Less than 5 Rangers in stock.

Upper management has decided that we can no longer afford to lose sales on the core product.
These lower cost models were intended as an alternative.
The quality, tone & playability standards that have been strictly adhered too has cost the company too much and therefore the product can no longer be offered.

If you want to buy one see the price list on the left. They will be listed until the last one is gone.

Jimi Hendrix

There are very few pictures of Jimi with his Mosrites. We have seen one with him playing a doubleneck and one with him holding a Ventures model.
We are prepared to pay for any photos that anyone may have that we could use to clearly see what he was actually playing.

We know for a fact that he used one on "Spanish Castle Magic" But we don't have the details. We have been approached by collectors who want us to recreate the guitar that Jimi played. Currently Jimi's Mosrite resides at the "Rock N Roll Hall of Fame In Cleveland."

Please Contact Ed Roman in the USA custom shop with photos and or any details if you have them.   702-875-4552

The Gold Anniversary Mosrite
Gold Metalflake
Of the 50th Anniversary Models